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Sloane Inc Clarity Water S5.6A

Sloane Inc Clarity Water S5.6A

Itís the potion that does it all: gently exfoliates, offers anti-aging benefits, controls sebum and shine as well as tones skin texture. (Impressive, we know.)

Boasting a beautifying blend of AHAs and BHAs as well, it removes residual impurities and dead skin cells for a refreshed feeling and healthy-looking glow.

Instructions: After cleansing face, gently pat into skin. Avoid eyes and mouth. Follow up with your Sloane Inc skincare regime as instructed.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by hannah from US

ohhh.. since birth i always have a oily, trouble skin with this, it does wonders from my skin i felt like it neutralizes because of this..soo good definitely others should try

April 2014
Reviewed by ALEXA from SINGAPORE

i started to used this for a month and i noticed that my skin become less oily and improve my pore size.

April 2014
Reviewed by kaykay from indonesia

bought this for my daughter,her skin is clog and oily,this product make her skin better

March 2014
Amazing difference
Reviewed by Javis C from UK

This refreshing water hits all the right spits when it comes to oily, acneic skins. it tames oil spills and closes pores, a bonus for an oily skin type like mine. my skin def felt softer, smoother and more even toned after application as the fruit acids gently sloughed off the unwanted daed cells off my grotty face. Light at the end of the tunnel.

May 2013
Great skin exfoliator
Reviewed by Yvone from Singapore

This may be too exfoliating for dry skins but on my oily, combination skin, it does absolute wonders! After 2 days, my skin was looking so much more glowing that my course mates thought i had undergone some beauty treatment. It def looked less clogged and more pores are finer after about a week of use. Theres no turning back for me.

May 2013

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