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Sloane Inc Lip Fabulosity Mask S14.1

Sloane Inc Lip Fabulosity Mask S14.1

This totally restorative, deeply replenishing gel pads work wonders on dull, cracked lips to get them red carpet ready instantly.

This intensive lip reformer multi-tasks brilliantly: it not only brightens up your puckers instantly, but also softens and illuminates lackluster pouts with a healthy dose of nourishment.

Now that’s what we call “lip service”.

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Safe for pregnancy
Safe for eczema & other sensitive skin conditions
Safe for post-laser
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Customer Reviews

Reviewed by hannah from US

i've never saw before a lip mask, when my friend give it to me as part of the set of the lip regime, i'm so excited to use it. and i'm really surprised how my lips become so soft and kissable after mask. great!

April 2014
Will buy again
Reviewed by Hanis from Singapore

My only gripe is that it comes in a single piece and not a pack of 6. It does its job relatively well to moisturise and smoothen my chapped lips. But I find that when I travel to wintry places, I need to really stock them up if i want dewy soft lips. I ended bring a stack of 10 on my last trip to Hokkaido!

February 2014
Juicy "Angelina Jolie" lips!
Reviewed by Getrude K from Hong Kong

I'm familiar with face masks and eye masks but this is the first time I came across lip masks! At first I was a little skeptical like how much good can it do to the lips? Also little strange looking like a blow up sex doll when you put them on. Haha. Anyway, I was truly "blown away" with these strange looking masks! My lips got very well hydrated and definitely feel smoother and fuller. Can't help running my tongue over them! Feel so "Angelina Jolie" now. :-)

October 2013
Lifesaver on my business trip
Reviewed by Susaki Kimoto from Japan

I usually travel light but it was fortuitous that i had this in my overnight bag on my trip to Brussels. I was jetlagged and in need of a quick pick-me-up. I slapped this under my eye and found it really softened the undereye lines, reduced the undereye puffiness that added years to my age. My eye makeup glided on fabulously like never before. If only i had known about this earlier. Now I am back to stock up!

May 2013
Thank you!
Reviewed by geraldine from malaysia

Thanks to this mask, my lips were perfectly hydrated on my wedding day. I used to get chapped lips from wearing those long lasting matte lipsticks that really left stains on my lips, and I really needed something that was gently enough to moisturise my lips yet effective enough to make a difference. Lips felt immediately softer and more supple. My tip: pop it inot the fridge for a chilled out effect. works for me.

April 2013

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