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Beauty Guru

Create your own sun potion

Q I am going for a beach holiday and I really need an effective, water –resistant sunscreen. However I am also hesitant about going bare-faced and would like to get some tint on my skin to give my complexion some coverage.

Instead of splurging on a new beauty product, is there something I can create from my existing Sloane Inc stash for this three-day getaway?

A Sloane Inc products are versatile. Create your own water-resistant BB cream by mixing a dollop of your favourite foundation with our Sloane Inc SPF 70. Blend well and apply.

Sloane Inc SPF 70 is water-resistant up to an hour in water which means you can spend less time worrying about your skin and more time having fun in the sun.

Cracked heels. Help!

Q I have been suffering from cracked heels for over a year now. I have tried many different scrubs and foot lotions but they are either too oily or does nothing for my woeful feet.

Can I use any of Sloane Inc products to create my own DIY heel treatment?

A Nobody likes going to bed with oily feet, leaving messy stains on your sheets like an out-of-control oil slick. On the other hand, nobody likes cracked heels either. Our solution? Grab your trusty bottle of Sloane Inc In-the-nude body milk. Not only does it smell heavenly, it absorbs like a dream into skin without leaving greasy residue.

Massage a generous helping of this skin-moisturizing treat, then pick up a pair of old socks and wear over feet. You can do this DIY feet treat overnight for best results.

Oily skin

Q I have seriously oily skin. Apart from battling with excessive oiliness, I am constantly fighting blackheads, whiteheads and the occasional zit. What would you recommend for my skin?

A We know like BP, you’re having no fun battling an oil spill. So we have come up with some home care solutions for you so that your skin will be clear as day in no time.

Cleanse: just because your skin is clogged and oily does not mean you should treat it like a toilet floor and subject it to vigorous scrubbing. Over exfoliation can lead to (gasp!) even oilier skin.

Toning: Toners are important to clean off excess surface residue and to balance skin’s pH. They’re vital when your skin is clogged. Try Calendula Toner for an all-over skin clarifying wipe.

Treatment: this is the crucial part of your regime. Reach for Clarity, a BHA based serum that is to be patted into your skin at night.

Moisturise: Just because you have oily skin does not mean you do not need to replenish loss moisture. Choose a skin hydrator suitable for your skin type such as iS Clinical’s Hydracool. This oil-free non-comedogenic formula will rehydrate oily skins without adding to the shine.

Brown marks

Q I suffered from acne in the past and now my skin is a sea of brown blemishes and scars. What can I do to regain the porcelain smooth complexion that I used to have in my pre-acne days?

A If you are suffering from the aftermath of disfiguring acne attacks, have no fear; there are many ways you can employ to help regain a flawless complexion. If your marks are brown discolourations, consider Lightener, a skin brightening gel that fades unwanted pigmentation.

Dull skin

Q I have seriously dull and sensitive skin, what would you suggest to perk my complexion up?

A Try 24K , an anti-ageing gel that contains pure gold flakes in a vitamin base to fight free radicals and give skin a natural luminosity. Another secret weapon in the beauty arsenal designed for gorgeous skin has to be our Sleeping Peel, used just before you hit your pillows. It works to slough off dead cells while you sleep so your skin is radiant and revitalized in the morning. With this trio of skinsavers, beautiful skin can be yours in no time.

If you want to boost your skin health, look no further than Sloane Inc's Skin Superfood, rich with the Astaxanthin from red algae. This super antioxidant will boost your skin radiance while restoring your skin health.

As this product is oil-free, and does not contain any harsh acids or preservatives, it is suitable for all skin types and is particularly beneficial for sensitive skins.

If you want to go the extra mile, I would suggest an home treatment using Sloane Inc Oxygen Booster. This innovative mask foams up on contact with skin, releasing oxygen and nutrients while restoring the skin's optimal pH levels.

As this does not contain harsh scrub particles, it is useful for dull but sensitive skin types looking to glow without aggressive exfoliants. Happy beautifying!


Please note that product recommendations contained in the above answers may or may not be suitable for your skin type. If you have a particular skin query and would like specific recommendations for your skin concern, please do visit a doctor for professional advice.

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