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Find the Perfect Face Mist for You

Posted by Mandy E on

No matter being torched speedwalking under the warm and humid weather or shrivelling from the cold and regardless the skin woe that’s pestering you; there’s a face mist for you. These deceivingly gentle and lightweight formulas, made primarily to boost hydration, can go further to help calm irritated skin and turn up the glow on a dull complexion. That’s not all apparently.

Quality mists can also help to set makeup application but more importantly to strengthen and protect the skin’s defenses against environmental pollutants, explained Dr Jinly Wong, Medical Consultant at The Sloane Clinic.

Offering a slew of benefits, it is little wonder these easy-to-use, often travel-sized, aromatic atomisers are the perfect pick-me-ups. This round up of face mists from Hardy & Co features 5 bottles developed to improve specific skin concerns so you can have refreshed and healthy skin all day, everyday.

1. For Clear Skin

Clear Skin Detox Purifying Mist

Hardy & Co. Clear Skin Detox Purifying Mist, formulated with calamine and lavender extracts, instantly purifies and clarifies skin for a clearer, more fresh-faced complexion. Spiked with cucumber, mint and basil stem cell extracts, it imparts antioxidants for protectant, skin-restoration and healing benefits.

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2. For Irritated Skin

Restorative & Calming Skin Healing Mist

Soothe skin inflammation with Hardy & Co. Restorative & Calming Skin Healing Mist, an intelligent mixture of rose and blueberry stem cell extracts. These potent, highly active ingredients restore skin’s physiological balance to keep bacteria at bay and jolts cellular metabolism to bring forth a calm and rejuvenated complexion.

3. For Hydration


If you desire supple and dewy skin, Super Hydrating Skin Pampering Mist is the bottle for you. Bursting with coconut and blueberry stem cell extracts, enhanced with champagne grape extracts, this revitalizing fine mist containing Vitamin A is hella good for your skin. Say hello to moisturized, rejuvenated and luminous skin.

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4. For Glow

Natural Glow Illuminating & Balancing Mist

Natural Glow Illuminating & Balancing Mist’s profound powers of rejuvenation and regeneration are derived from vitamin C, rose and perilla stem cell extracts. A superb skin defender against stressors and environmental allergens, it refreshes skin in a spritz, reinvigorating your complexion with an unbeatable skin glow.

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5. For Anti-Ageing

Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist

Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist, infused with champagne grape extracts, lavender and acai stem cell extracts, gives fine lines the boot. It is an instant hydration boost, quickly replenishing precious nutrients including top skin essential – antioxidants - to fight aging.

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